Hello and welcome to my small corner on the Internet.

I am a simple, curious and versatile engineer living in Finland.

I have been building hardware and software for around fifteeen years, first in academia, then various industries like printed electronics manufacturing, telecom(5G SoC) and robotics. I have dabbled in lots of technologies during this time all the way from diodes and transistors, micro-controllers with few kilobytes of ram to Linux/Windows applications. I have designed small PCBs and electronic circuits, have written a lot embedded software for sensors, for robots, and wireless sensor networks protocols. I have also written software for robotic simulation and occasionally made android/iOS applications. However, my core skill and strengths lie in the field of Embedded Software. I get a good kick out of packing as much functionalities as possible in a few kilo-bytes of ram and some tens of kilo-bytes of flash memory.

Regarding my education, I got my first master’s degree in Space Technology and Robotics from Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster Programme after which I spent some time building hardware for robots. I then worked on printed electronics for a few years and then with 5G in telecom sector. Currently doing applied research in the industry and consulting for robotics and ML. I build small rovers for fun in my free time. In brief, my plan was to be an academic, but I made a pivot to industry in 2015. I am also currently enrolled at the University of Oulu studying Product Management. Currently I am working as Software Consulting Engineer with some awesome people at Unikie.

I was planning to study Field Robotics for my doctoral studies particularly Evolutionary Robotics. I have been fascinated by Evolution for almost a decade and keep reading research articles on it whenever I have free time. Had I started my PhD I would have studied Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms in the context of Robotics, however life seemed to have a different plan for me. Here is a my two page CV.

I plan to use this web-site primarily as place to bookmark things I read, jot my thoughts down occasionally and to foray into the world of web technologies.

I like to meet and get to know fellow geeks and people with backgrounds different than mine and listen to their stories. Twitter might be the fastest way if you would like to get in touch.